Holbrook Hill Farm sits upon 100+ lush acres of rolling fields and wooded areas in the small town of Bedford, NH. Holbrook Hill Farm has helped to preserve the town’s agricultural future and has continued the farming legacy of the Silberberg family.

The historical family home overlooks both barns that the herd of 30 pure bred Belted Galloways call home. The miles of thriving pastures ensure that each animal enjoys a stress-free, nutrient-rich life on the farm.

Each spring, the farm looks forward to the opportunity to welcome new calves in to the herd of prized Belted Galloways, a pure bloodline which the Silberberg family strives to maintain through the use of a diverse breeding program.

The Silberberg’s continue to be the exclusive importer of some of the highest regarded Belted bulls in the world, ensuring the US and Canadian herds longevity and purity.

Holbrook Hill Farm enjoys visitors and encourages everyone to tour the property and meet these stunning and friendly animals.